Ultimate TFT Team Comps 9.21

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9.21 patch again, very small changes are made throughout the table. Yet again, Riot changed the player’s harm with minor nerves and buffs and penalized him more early and midway through the game to lose.

Therefore, we could see a slightly faster meta, and levels 7 are likely to become more important than legendary fishing.

We had many comps build-up over the period since this was the last patch before package 2,. It means that most of these patches are for existing comps.

A quick summary of the major changes that affect our decisions is available before we take the best steps:

  • Player damage changes: In the early stages, the basic damage done by your little legend increased, causing people to become less likely to lose out. This should mean later with champion damage reductions, but in general, a faster meta is expected.
  • Hextech, guardian and cavalry were all partially nerfed and only rangers got typical buff. Hitting all the top characteristics will somewhat improve the meta.
  • While Lisbon was slightly buffed. Varus and Brand were noticeably buffed. Elementalist constructions now can thrive on brand that can be one of your main brands.

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Methodology for TFT

We evaluate TFT compositions based on 3 key factors:

  • Consistency: How well does this comp work from one player to the next and how can you effectively start to work towards it?
  • Overall strength: If you complete the comp successfully, how do you equate it with other comps, particularly the most popular meta comps?
  • Flexibility: Could you change the comp as events unfold in the game differently? These include skill, luck and units of the enemy.

Such three variables combine to allow us to identify group configurations such as S, A or B. The three are prone to S, the others are fairly good but they may not be in certain places lean-to B.

Reoccurring Comps Patch 9.21

Some fell on the side of the road with so many comps built, but some came back to claim their glory.

Imperial Shifters : (S-tier)

It is just a variation of the Draven carrier construction that uses a forming device to allow Swain. This new comp. The S ranking does not necessarily mean the imperial guard constructs overpowers but complements each other with the versatility of both.

Varus Grand Magus: A to S

The demon-oriented comps will shine with their mid game experience with a slightly faster speed. Both Brand buffs and Varus buffs (and former Aatrox buffs) support this.

The Wall: (S to A)

The Wall had hits for both knights and defenders but remained a strong adversary against many of the meta. The early game with knights could not be easier to live, so decisions in the style of playing might have to change.

Void Exodia: (Staying S)

The last update was Void Exodia when you could consider Kai’sa 2. For Hextech’s nerve, there are certain improvements in this building, but the overall idea remains the same.

The Imperial Guard: (Staying S)

Even the small Draven nerve can be built online very early on with an early Swain, and the 50/50 imperial buff can easily win rounds even without Swain.

Wild and Free Assassins: (A to B)

We were hesitant to let this build fall completely, but it became clear that it was time to let this one fall to B, with fewer players playing the game .. Nevertheless, this replay can still emerge to reclaim the midgame with improvements in the player losses.

Jinx and the Meat Wall: (S to A)

This build is very similar with many designs. This build definitely lost any energy, though, with the Hextech nerves.

Wild Sorcerers: (S to A)

Due to the strong Dragon alignment and the change to Karm, Swain and Pantheon, Wild Sorcerers was given the S-rating last update. This project couldn’t come online enough early to stay alive with the late game becoming harder to reach.