Tfue vs FaZe clan lawsuit set for 8.Nov

According to a report from Richard Lewis, a major court hearing was scheduled on 8 November, in the ongoing legal battle between Fortnite pro Turner “Tfue” Tenney and his former organization FaZe Clan.

On 8 November the Court of California will decide on the jurisdiction of the case, which forms the key basis of that case. Tfue and his team of lawyers argued that FaZe operated as a talent agency in California without a proper permit. It breaches the California Labor Law of the Talent Agency Act.

The Act would apply if California had ability to do so.

Nonetheless, FaZe argued that the lawsuit should be put before the New York court as FaZe is a Delaware-based company. The agency also clarified that Tfue’s agreement states that New York is entitled to control so the law does not apply to California Talent Agency.

This hearing was followed up by Tfue’s and his legal team’s previous arguments. On Sept. 25, Tfue said he was living at the Clout House with its offices in Los Angeles, California during the organisation.

“At the time of meeting in Los Angeles, I eventually signed a’ Gamer Contract’,” Tfue said in a court filing. Melissa Bowden, former Brand Partnerships director of FaZe, said that there are no offices located in New York and FaZe is headquartered in California as a corporation. “The deal was signed in Los Angeles. Tfue and his attorneys contend that FaZe never served in the City.

There seems to be no stop to the ongoing struggle. Nevertheless, the decision will pose the concessionary side with a significant challenge.