FunPlus Pheonix eliminates Fnatic from Worlds 2019

During the quarterfinal, iconic League of Legends World Championships Fnatic lost 0-3 as Veigar locked into FunPlus Phoenix to keep Fnatic alive. Nevertheless, the second seed of the LEC could not eventually be stopped from falling into FPX.

Following two FPX players, Fnatic had their backs on the wall. Fnatic’s final chance before heading home was Game Three. FPX called Kim’ Doinb’ Tae-sang’s Ryze at the teleport bot lane for murder in the Fnatic duo about 12 minutes. On Veigar, Tim “Nemesis” Lipovšek countered his own teleport and placed his stunning cage in Doinb immediately. Doing disappeared with no direction to go and nobody to pursue. Wei-Xiang’s Lucian gave Nemesis a twice death, Fnatic turned to the other FPX, and lunged another hit to Lin’s “Lwx.”

Nemesis continued his killing strip a few moments later with another pick on Doing. Fnatic had the freedom to move around and rapidly spiralled their lead with Veigar’s selecting picks. Nemesis became untouchable during Game Three, thanks to Event Horizon and Alistar and Ornnn, Fnatic’s tanky front line. As Fnatic trampled down their foundations to keep the series going, FPX could not respond quickly enough.

After FPX was handed over a decisive loss, Fnatic had a chance to finish the reverse sweep. FPX quickly banned Veigar and sealed the squad with the Tahm Kench and Varus lane in an extremely safe composition. Everything Fnatic was doing, they couldn’t follow leads. Lin “Lwx” Wei-Xiang on Varus continuously catched Fnatic off, making sure that Gabriël “Bwipo” Rau could not scale on Kayle with his supreme FPX.

Even if the story of Fnatic stops here, tomorrow its LEC rivals, Splyce and G2 Esports, continue the battle for the planet. On the other hand, FPX appears during the group phase to have overcome your hiccups. The LPL team that posted a loss of 35-6 in Summer Split today emerged. Though one game fell, FPX proved the best team with three extremely unilateral Fnatic matches. More precisely, Doinb tends to be at a completely different level.

Next week, FPX will be confronted by Invictus Gaming, their LPL fellow and reigning World Champions. FPX had already overcome IG, but is the superiority enough to get them to the finals so far?