Fnatic meet FunPlus Phoenix in League Of Legends World Championships

During the second quarter-final match of the League of Legends World Championship, Fnatic was able to meet FunPlus Phoenix.

Invictus Gaming are the champions of rule, but only the fourth chance to defend their title is given to them this year. The key favourites of the 2019 LPL Summer Champions and the winning team in this area are the Chinese team FunPlus Phoenix. LoL World’s victory predictions are based upon their clear and pure rotational energy. Most of the esports betting sites have levelled both Invictus Gaming and Royal Never with the odds of 8/1 in Betway.

Fnatic has always been a leading innovator on a par with his fellow LEC team G2 Esports in the West League of legends. Their latest creation, the bot lane Garen/ Yuumi, became one of the single duos in today’s meta and made a champion of support de facto. Yet Fnatic wanted to add more to it in the opening game against FPX.

When Fnatic saw that the draft was opened, he picked up Twisted Fate for Tim “Nemesis” and Lipovsek and proceeded with the above Garen / Yuumi combo for bot. She had taken a very fnatic-esque way. In the second phase, even the Elise pick for Mads “Broxah” Pedersen was in line because he played it at Worlds only once so far. But the last pick arrived and it was a Rengar to the delight of the crowd.

Rengar isn’t just Fnatic’s news range today. In two games in the LEC Summer Split game Gabriël “Bwipo” Rau matched him for the record of 1-1, defeating Origen with the same solo composition in Rengar-Elise-TF. Nonetheless, FPX couldn’t have predicted it to be, particularly given that no LPL team played him this year. In that way, Kim Han-saem’s “GimGoon” underestimated just how quickly a level 2 Rengar would burst and blood gave to Fnatic in the early stage.

But the match went south from there. The reason that the second round robin was a major reboom for Fnatic was attributable to the swede heading back to traditional AD carries such as Xayah (16/3/28 KDA in champion in three games) is that Martin “Rekkles” Larsson has not really made a difference in Garén this Worlds. Fnatic knew how to counter it: the Chinese squad always remained together, roamed as one and blast the Tanky champion on sight. Garen was a familiar picture.

Even Nemesis ‘ imaginative flanks could not keep LPL champions off balance and proved to be the best team battle side. The Phoenix killed after assassination, marching confidently towards the series ‘ 1-0 lead.