Beastcoast eliminate Vici Gaming in ESL One Hamburg 2019

For all the right reasons, Beastcoast is making headlines at ESL One Hamburg. The squad from South America played two best of three games of elimination, both of which went to a decision-maker. The first was against Wind and Rain, and the series ‘ final game would probably make a case for being the tournament’s title.

Beastcoast was down on super creeps and their throne was down to half health when they somehow managed to hold the enemy cores down and then marched to the base of the enemy. Wind and Rain’s Disruptor succeeded in killing Broodmother alone, making it harder for Beastcoast to complete the game. Just as they were about to destroy the Ancient, giant creeps took down their own Ancient. Had it not been the use of his Curse on the creeps for Winter Wyvern, the game could easily have gone the other way. Yet, despite losing to Gambit Esports, they managed to stay alive to face Vici Gaming, who had sunk to the lower bracket.

Vici Gaming would always be tough opponents, being one of the scene’s most experienced teams. In 45 minutes, the Chinese team took the first game, but losing that first game in the South American team awoke something. They convincingly took the next two games to eliminate Vici Gaming and secure a top four finish at ESL One Hamburg, both ending a bit past the half-hour mark.

This roster, which played at TI9 under the name of’ Infamous,’ was the first South American team ever to reach the top 8 at the World Championships. Now they’re making a big impact at the end of the 2019-2020 season. But from here on it will just get harder for Beastcoast. The champions of Alliance and Virtus Pro will be their next rivals. The new roster of the Alliance is just coming off their victory in Season 12 of the DreamLeague, so they’re full of confidence. Virtus Pro may still adapt to a new squad, but they have some of the most seasoned CIS players who know how to handle the pressure in the final stages of a tournament.

When Beastcoast can defeat their first adversary and make it to the top 3, they can certainly be seen as a team capable of winning ESL One Hamburg. But even if they don’t, finishing in the top four will be a great achievement. This is one team that will surely take Dota 2 from South America to the next level.