Shroud announces move to Mixer from Twitch

In the streaming world, another major move took place when Michael “shroud” Grzesiek officially left Twitch for rival network mixer.

Once Tyler “Ninja” Blevins made the move in August with many more talks to come, the gaming community was rocked. I guess it may not seem much to many as almost three months before the news that shroud would meet the famous streamer had gone by.

This is another big hit for Twitch, which has recently been under considerable scrutiny for handling different situations.

Losing some of their most famous sources is obviously something to think about and raises the question as to what else Mixer has for the group in store.

One of the biggest differences in this move vs that of Ninja apart from being a continuity and showing that Mixer had bigger plans (duh) is the selection of games for the mask.

Ninja was pretty much only on stream Fortnite and therefore did not draw too much of an audience from other games to the Mixer site. Shroud is known to swap stuff between games like Apex Legends, Counter-Strike, World of Warcraft, Rainbow Six and more while jumping into new titles as well.

This battle between the platforms is far from over, and while Twitch has recently shown efforts to improve their site’s functionality in terms of ad experience and monetization features, Mixer appears to be working on a whole new set of things itself.