League of Legends server received 3 milion players in 2019

League of Legends not only celebrates its 10th anniversary this year after a new milestone has recently been reached by one of the game’s servers. In 2019, the Europe West server exceeded three million active players. According to op.gg, 3,000,774 players were signed up on the EUW list.

The server had signed up for nearly 2.5 million players last year, meaning that over 500,000 additional players joined EUW in 2019. The EUW server is the second most populated server in League — South Korea is first and foremost predictably.

Regional statstics for regional servers:

  • South Korea: 3,776,609 players
  • North America: 1,754,576 players
  • North-East Europe: 1,547,540 players
  • Brazil: 1,421,764 players

Nonetheless, as it is easier to create multiple accounts, the number of players in a free-to-play match like League has to be taken with a grain of salt. Yet EUW’s development is still a growing participant base in Europe.

The top-level player in the League is also from the EUW server. At League’s 10-year anniversary event organized by Riot a week ago, French player Toucan Celeste reached tier 2,000.