The Fortnite ‘Black Hole’ event broke twitch as well as Twitter

Fortnite has undergone a major change with the launch of Chapter 2, and the hyped transition from Season X to this new era of battle royale has attracted a lot of attention on streaming platforms.

Twitch announced that on October 13, Fortnite smashed the highest concurrent record of the platform on a single game. That was when all Fortnite was pulled into a black hole, including the start menu. The curious and surprising event attracted a maximum of 1.7 million viewers at the same time.

The triumph goes beyond Twitch. Season X’s conclusion also drew a lot of attention on Facebook, where the black hole received 42.8 million shares, peaking at 1.4 million viewers at the same time. Then about 4.3 million simultaneous viewers watched on YouTube.

And if you’re confused, Chapter 2 comes after Season X. No, I don’t understand why Roman numerals and letters or regular numbers are so haphazardly overlapping.

Nobody knew exactly what happened to the black hole, and that intrigue helped attract viewers. Rumour also indicated that it would begin with a new map when Fortnite returned. As Season 2 came online, that’s what happened.