Twitch streamer Shroud may need surgery on his elbow

Following a scooter accident in March, Twitch streamer Shroud may need another surgery on his left elbow.

During a stream earlier today, Shroud said tomorrow he would receive a new “tense brace splint item,” which, along with several more months of physical therapy, will help in his left arm achieve full range of motion. However, if he is not helped by the splint and therapy, he may need another surgery.

“Perhaps I need another operation,” said Shroud. “When I can’t really get my mobility back by physical therapy and all those various things, then he’ll do one last thing he’ll do as his last operation, and it’ll give me my range of motion back 100 percent.”

Shroud said he mightn’t need it, and it would take months if he had to. But with assistance, the famous streamer said his left arm had a movement range of about 130 degrees, about 10 degrees less than his right arm without support.

After slipping off his scooter and going around 40 miles an hour, Shroud underwent two surgeries in March.