Respawn Ent presses ban-wave for Apex Legends players abusing exploit

The developers have confirmed that Respawn Entertainment will ban Apex Legends players who have abused a recent bug/glitch exploit that allows them to avoid ranked-point losses when they lose competitive games.

The vulnerability itself is fairly easy to pull off— when two of your teammates are knocked down and eliminated in a ranked game, pressing Alt+F4 would force you out of the matchmade lobby.

Because you seem to have been’ booted’ from the game, the loss redemption of Respawn is applied to save your expended RP to enter the competitive mode. This redemption also extends to all the team members, which ensures that all three players lose zero-rated points.

As this error became more and more common, ranked lobbies were left lopsided when teams abandoned after losing teammates, and players who were supposed to lose ranked advancement for finishing 20th to 10th on the leaderboards were not falling.

Respawn hit down on criminals who misuse game-quit.

Respawn moved quickly to place the quitting-exploit on the’ no – go’ list, advising players that if caught escaping RP defeats, they would be temporarily banned from Apex, and adding suspensions for repeat offenders would improve.

“We have temporarily banned players from quitting the game to prevent ranking punishments,” said Respawn manager Drew McCoy. “PC players have been able to leave games early without risking rated points. Moving forward, we will not hesitate to punish players who misuse new techniques or raise penalties as we see fit, including permanent bans and withdrawals.