Latest TFT strategy floods board with units

In the latest “Set Two” Teamfight tactics, Twitch streamer DisguisedToast showed a ludicrous technique that helped him to fill the board with copies of his Zed.

Set Two for Teamfight Tactics is a full update with a whole new cast of players, origins, classes, and some new environmental dynamics.

The patch is not yet included in the live game, but it is now available for testing on the Open Beta Site, and many players have been exploring the new possibilities, including DisguisedToast–one of the top players and streamers in the community.

While there are some returning stars, they have also been revamped –Zed, for instance, is now a 5-cost unit with Living Shadow capabilities that allows him to build a shadow copy of himself behind an opponent with the same items and statistics as the original. The sun can produce its own shadow as well.

DisguisedToast was able to put together a plan with the right combination of structure and objects that resulted in virtually hundreds of Zed’s Shadows overwhelming the table, allowing him to win the round with considerably more units than he began.

The technique is based on a combination of Zed’s objects and the structure in which he is. More notably, he carries Shojin’s Sword, which allows him to get mana to cast Living Shadow quicker, and a Mage’s Hat, a new element that renders the wielder a Mage.

The Mage is a new class that has replaced the Summoner, and its bonus benefit allows Mages the opportunity to cast their abilities once, with a 100% chance if six Mages are on the field.

In its “Pack 2” patch, Teamfight Tactics gets a major overhaul.

By granting Zed this class reward along with the ability to generate mana significantly faster, the result was an insane level of duplication, leading to the arrival of a large number of units for a resounding and hilarious victory.

For Teamfight Tactics, it’s still very early days, and having made so many changes to the game at once, it’s likely that some players, attributes, or tactics will be too strong. In this particular case, it remains to be seen whether this technique will be toned down by Riot or whether it will inevitably establish a straightforward response to such a strategy.