ESL One Hamburg: TNC Predator begin unbeaten on day 1

Since Group A finished the first day of play at ESL One Hamburg 2019, it was time for Group B to get off to a start and as teams started their journey towards being crowned Hamburg champions there were some substantial results from the first day.

After a player was too sick to play, the group opened with a surprising forfeit from Quincy Crew and it was announced that Quinn ‘ CCnC’ Callahan was moved to a hospital.

Although they would have to lose their game in Pyjamas against Ninjas, they would return later in the day to play against Gambit Esports–with ex-player and now potential coach Sumail ‘ SumaiL’ Hassan filling in for CCnC. We hope he will recover quickly and return to action as soon as possible.

Apart from that, in Group B, one team definitely won the day, without fail–TNC Predator. The group was still considered one of the best in the Southeast Asian field after a major shuffle after The International 2019, and after Geek Fam withdrew from ESL One Hamburg 2019, TNC was the only SEA competitors. In both their episodes, TNC was invincible, going completely undefeated throughout the day, taking, for now, the top spot in the group.

Although Quincy Crew may have seemed out of place since their forfeit, in their last episode they nevertheless put on a fantastic show, managing to win a draw to the end of the first day. Team Liquid had a poor showing on the other side of things, bringing from the day only a single game victory.

Group B Stats after day 1:

TNC Predator: 4-0
Ninjas in Pyjamas: 0-2
Gambit Esports: 2-2
Wind and Rain: 2-2
Quincy Crew: 1-1
Team Liquid: 1-3

ESL One Hamburg 2019 will continue today with group stage 2 day and Dota 2 play more awesome. Some teams are going to try to make up some ground and hopefully find their footing, while others are going to hope to extend their lead in the middle.