Dota 2 receives spooky halloween overhaul

Valve will celebrate the enchanting night with new item sets for nine heroes with Halloween nearly upon us.

Instead of the Diretide game, the new items come in, a common activity mode that the community enjoyed for the plethora of cosmetic items it offered participants.┬áCameron dev reported on Reddit that this year, due to the Dota 2 team concentrating on “matchmaking, player experience and upgrading the Outlanders, there will be no Halloween case.”

Dark Willow’s Saccharine Saboteur is the rarest secret of all, turning her into an even bigger failure. The mischievous fairy swings full into the spirit of Halloween, complete with a lantern of candy, sweet treats, and a beautiful kitten hidden in her witch hat.

Sets for Tidehunter, Shadow Devil, Slardar, Jakiro, Storm Force, Viper, Faceless Void and Clinkz are included in the package. Here’s a description of each of the characters in their outfits for Halloween.

Fans are going to be disappointed to hear about Diretide’s failure and anxiously await refreshing The Outlanders. All signs point to a big Outlanders shake-up, including two new Snapfire and Void Spirit characters.

Unless precedent counts for anything, after the end of the first Dota 2 Major, MDL Chengdu, the patch will probably drop. The tournament ends on November 24.