Twitch streamer finds 3k spraydown in CSGO

During a competitive match with a quick spray down, Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo showed off his incredible spray control, but the three kills he got were not what he fought for.

Knuckling down the spray patterns is one of Counter-Strike’s main learning curves. In terms of recoil, each weapon is slightly different, but once you master them, in no time you can hit targets with pinpoint accuracy.

Mizkif recently looked like he was brushing up on his talents and decided to flaunt them in front of his mates during a friendly stream game on October 21. During the execution of a bomb site, the Twitch actor flexed his arms, but the spray he brought forward was a bit unusual.

Mizkif and his crew are battling in their CSGO game down 13-6, comprising of other streamers like’ Jakenbake’ and’ Lacari.’ Mizkif listened out for any sly counter-terrorists in tunnels after a successful B site take on Dust 2.

He swung around to shut down the enemy’s retake when he heard footsteps crashing through. Yet — Blex himself— there was an obstacle in the way. Mizkif shot right through him, cleaning up the two CTs and Blex for the’ 3k’ instead of going around his colleague.

“Yeah, I got three murders there,” he said after having the’ 3k’ as he cleared his throat. “Free.” Meanwhile, on the other end of the equation, Blex was stunned to have been deceived by his teammate in the name of getting the Reddit-worthy spraydown and MVP for the round.
“Have you only killed me?”Blex asked, shocked that round about what had happened to him. While Blex might have done the job himself, it wouldn’t have been with the same amount of flair that Mizkif brought to the table.

Mizkif gave nothing in response, with the streamer dead focused on getting the lead back and winning the game, even though when he knocked down Blex he let out a little grimace, suggesting that perhaps the entire thing was an accident.

While in the ensuing rounds they had some brief wins, Mizkif had a relatively quiet game himself, taking a backseat to Jakeandbake pulling up some difficult fragments. Rather, he spent his time calling the shots, trying to win his squad.

In an otherwise pretty decent AK-47 spray during CSGO, Mizkif took down his own colleague.

Sadly, they were unable to win the game back to Mizkif and business, losing the game 16-11. The one valiant round wasn’t enough to save any pride on the scoreboard either, because he found himself with 13 kills on the bottom—14 when you cut the kill team out.
For now, the famous Twitch streamer is sitting in Silver 2, but if he can get his sprays nice and tight, it shouldn’t be long before he finds himself soaring to Global Elite.