Here’s everything on the Fortnite Halloween update v11.01

On October 22nd, an update to Fortnite Battle Royale and Save the World went live to patch numerous glitches and crashes.

As of writing, for the latest update, Epic Games has not released a set of official patch notes, so players must rely on finding information dataminers.

The following problems have been resolved in the v11.01 update, according to Epic’s official Trello page for Fortnite:

  • FPS issues on PC
  • Friends not appearing in the Friends List
  • Unable to use swapped-to item when character is backed up against camera
  • “Ready Up!” button not appearing in Squads until entire party is eliminated
  • Issue with completing “Get an elimination from 50m or further” Open Water challenge
  • Daily Punchcard remaining on-screen
  • Gift Weapon Wrap missing from gifted Battle Pass

The v11.01 update made it possible for dataminers to dive into Fortnite’s code to potentially uncover new cosmetics going to the Item Shop.

Fans should be particularly excited about the return of the skin of the Skull Trooper and the Grinning Ghoul Backbling feature.

With a new skin variant after a long absence, another popular Fortnite skin, Ghoul Trooper, will finally return to the Item Shop.

Another dataminer, ShiinaBR, has released tons of new free fortnite skins after Halloween styling. Fortnitemares, the spooky activity of the game, should only be about a week away.

ShiinaBR and MakksBR shared a video of “Zombified,” a brand new emote.

According to Shiina, to celebrate Halloween, all players will receive a free Ghoul Trooper skin variant.

If fans don’t like getting missed the next shipment of cosmetics, ShiinaBR posted a video showing all the skins going for Fortnite.

Here’s a FireMonkey image that reveals all the cosmetics that were added to the patch on October 22nd.

Whenever Epic Games releases their latest series of patch notes, they will be sure to update you.