Fortnite player Sceptic signed by Luminosity Gaming

Luminosity Gaming publicly announced the signing of Fortnite player Griffin “Skeptical” Spikoski in a surprise announcement at the EGLX (Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo) in Toronto. Since playing for the Misfits Gaming, Sceptic leaves the Canadian group. He finished 35th with Cody “Clix” Conrod during the 2019 Fortnite World Cup Duo Finals.

The Fortnite Scene was joined in July 2018 by Chris Merryweather, Abdiel “Aragon,” Ortega, Brian Song “beesox,” and Nate “Kreo,” Luminosity Gaming Lumino Player. The CBC also added more teams and producers of content from its roots.

Caesar’s “CDNThe3rd” Noriega and Brandon’s “Yelo” Yelo are added to a stacksmith’s luminosity gaming register, with super star names like Ali’s “SypherPK” Hassan. Alex Kushelevskiy “Formula,” Jordan “Randumb” Schneider, Nick “Nicks,” Spoerke, and John “Kiwiz” Payne have joined the Red Reserve former development squad.

Meet LG Sceptic Griffin “Sceptical”

Spikoski is a 15-year-old American player who owes his first win in Fortnite to a YouTube viral video of the action. In interviews, he explained that by training between 8 and 18 hours a day he retains his skill level. He has over 400,000 Twitch followers, over 75,000 Twitter followers and over 1.4 million YouTube subscribers.

After a teaming with Clix at the Fortnite World Cup Finals, Sceptic left Misfits Gaming in July. After not hitting the desired result, both players divided and fans are waiting for news about the next move by their star player. Skeptic is a great addition to the Luminosity Gaming community with his talent as a player and his reputation as a producer of content.