New sniper mode added for Call of Duty Mobile as player base expands

Call of Duty: Mobile has added a new sniper-only game mode in an effort to keep its massive player base satisfied.

As the name suggests, only snipers could play the five-vs-five game mode. Playable in all five Call of Duty Mobile maps each game will last until one team hits 40 kills or 10 minutes.

When the game begins, between two sniper rifles, players are given an option: the DL Q33 and Arctic.50. Don’t panic if these weapons are not unlocked in your loadout as you can still play in sniper-only mode with them. The weapons also come with adapters fully loaded.

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The mode is a time-limited one and will be available until October 24.

Players must perform specific missions in order to obtain boxes, credits and even the 141 Frame Task Force.
Just, for a limited time period, Konami added the weapon play and free-for-all modes to the match. The free-for-all mode was closed today and the sniper-only mode was substituted. For 26 days will be free for the gun game.