Puma follows Adidas and Nike in the Esports industry – Puma x Cloud 9

There are intertwined esports and competition. Sports owners manage esports teams and football players are streaming on Twitch, and their online counterparts are reinforced by sports leagues.

This is rapidly changing. In August, Nike released a new line of clothing for Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, a Fortnite streamer. Nike discontinued the Chinese League of Legends Pro League team uniforms last month. Puma is now in need of launching a new campaign that shows their first official set for Cloud9, a major sports organization.

These companies have chosen to participate in athletics in a different way. Adidas has been sponsoring each other, Adidas has a whole league and Puma has invested in various titles with an association.

“Cloud9 is a diverse group that can change its space flexibility so that any particular league or entity is simply not,” says Adam Petrick, the global brand and marketing director of Puma.

“When a game falls out of favour, a league could suffer; a flurry network could stagnate if it fails. Partnering with an esports institution such as Cloud9 allows us to separate ourselves from such a threat without compromising our opportunity to promote and cope with developments in potential gaming.

Cloud9 was valued at $310m by Forbes, having a higher valuation than most sports league teams.

Since then, the number of financial rounds that change interest has been rapidly changing, but Cloud9 remains still one of the leading organisations.

In Cloud9 they have teams in the Legends League, CS: GO, Fortnite, Rocket League, Warcraft, Hearthstone, Rainbow Six, Teamfight Tactics, PUBG, Super Smash Brothers, and more. Petrick is focusing on the adaptability of Cloud9. Puma’s new spot from Moon to Mars puts together many of the esports stars of Cloud9 in an ad featuring the organization’s celebration, as the game actors from different title demonstrate their own reasons to become involved in the sport.

“The #DareYou project tells the real stories of the participants in the commercial, explaining what was planned and how they actually questioned the demands to live their lives,” says Petrick.

“We dismiss the argument that games are not’ grave sports’ as fake, and our #DareYou way of announcing, simply, that there was no meaningful distinction between culture of gaming and athletics.” “The path to becoming an Esport Pro is not straightforward.” The way Puma viewed his entrance into esports is not the same.

Young players must persuade parents that playing professional video games is a practical experience, not just a way of avoiding homework. Just like a professional athlete, only a limited number of players excel. The spot #DareYou reveals that Cloud9 players have taken the gamble of renouncing conventional forms for career in sports. And now there is an ad demonstrating that the risk can be worthwhile often.