‘Fortnite 2’ Season 11 trailer appears as Black Hole Ends

Since Fortnite has completely disappeared, leaving people stunned and uncertain about what had happened to their skins, it looks as if Chapter Two is going to start today when people download the patch and begin downtime.

The new trailer gives us an insight into what to expect and a first look at the new map-which, by the way, looks amazing.

And people seem to be quite excited:


The live event showed the entire original map of the popular game sucked into a black hole, prompting gamers to believe it was, as we know, Fortnite’s demise.

In addition to its homepage, many of the social channels of the game have also been updated to reflect the interesting switch.

The countdown on the’ The End ‘ event of the game finally reached zero, with the rocket being built slowly over the course of Season 10 finally launched, flew through a rift, and continued to duplicate again and again until the rockets managed to smash a hole in time and space right in front of the meteor that I destroyed Dusty Depot back in Season 4’s origin.

With many, the end of season 10 did not go down well. When it abruptly turned the game into a black hole-telling the world mysteriously: “This is the end,” most players began to panic that their precious skins might have been lost in the process.

The kids told their parents that they thought that the world was over, causing a whole lot of crying’ Cheers, son’s crying, nice ones.’

According to Mirror Online, one parent, Kayla Williams, said: “My son is heartbroken, since he began playing in season 2 he has invested a whopping £ 3,000 on this video. Some say the game is over so we get full refunds on the money we’ve spent because no game means anything, so we’re missing out!”