CEO of ESL says to employees not to mention Hong Kong protests

ESL CEO Ralf Reichert ordered more than 700 employees not to address violent protests in Hong Kong.

In a slack message received from Kong Kong Free Press, Reichert notes that ESL is a global company working in a large number of countries and would theoretically conflict public policy announcements for the major sports organization.

“We naturally do abstain from political discussions and set the best example by living our values. Therefore, we would like to suggest to not actively engage in the discussion, especially on social media,” Reichert wrote to employees. Reichert wrote to employees.

“Our cooperation with Huya, the largest esports media in China, will allow us to bring our global properties and content to China while enabling the best players from China qualifying to the biggest global ESL tournaments. What an exciting prospect,” said the CEO.

However, it remains uncertain whether that was one of the reasons for ESL’s silence request on its protests in Hong Kong, but if so, this business interest would be quite like the suspicious presumption.

ESL colleagues had also favoured the recent sponsorship of Betway esports.

In a letter to HKFP the spokesperson confirmed that ESL workers were authorized on private social media page to share their personal views.

Not only ESL is on the verge of the demonstrations in Hong Kong. The gaming community in its entirety was angry about Blizzard’s response to the political announcement of the Hearthstone pro player in favor of Hong Kong, who saw the game suspended. Some players are telling Blizzard to boycott his games.

Blizzard is currently witnessing demonstrations, with other people involved in the business being pursued through censorship.