Twitch streamer Shroud doesn’t like fps games like Destiny

Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek, popular Twitch star, revealed why some FPS titles, such as Destiny, are not as favourable to him as other MMORPG games.

His main focus remains first-person shooters, but Shroud has gained a wide number of followers by streaming a number of games on Twitch’s website.

When the former CS: GO pro was asked whether he would seek Destiny for a limited time, however, the shroud exposed the trouble with this type of FPS titles.

Shroud isn’t a fan of FPS called boss battle mechanics like Destiny.

Shroud clarified that in Destiny and similar games, Boss gameplay primarily required players to fire at the same object constantly and endlessly in order to win the battle.

“I’ve played Destiny and don’t want to play┬ásomething that’s always enticing, boss mechanics are dumb because players are FPS MMO / RPG’s.” Shroud then describes how boring it seemed for him to be a traditionally player’s moves while trying to pass a boss.

“It’s like bringing this thing in here over here, firing it now, it’s being revealed. He said that he was not a fan of boss fights in first-person shooters, but that he was finding bosses to be more fun, like World of Warcraft was, but he said he knew that they would not be a fan of boss fights in first-person shooters. Then, he went through the normal bossing phase, he said: “It’s just bad.”

“This type just doesn’t like me, it fits when you play the MMO. This fits in this way for some reason but it is so odd in a game that it never feels good. “In recent months, Shroud has been boss fighters for many years when WoW Classic comes back. He is willing to lose Twitch subs to enjoy the popular MMORPG.