Game-to-game variety to feature in League of Legends 2020

Summoner’s Rift is set to get a big renewal.

“The Map will create more exciting times in different environments you don’t see any more,’ Riot Games announced the pre-season gameplay objectives for League of Legends today. Their reasoning was that environmental changes to the Rift would bring greater player-to-game differences and mastery. “Following the simple experience and non-every game we make, the map should include more information.

We need terrain that allows more opportunities to play in battle. Instead of a “flat” context, the developers want to improve Summoner’s Rift, adding new complexity levels. Most of the expertise is macro-oriented (e.g., rotations, goal trader) and we want ground support. Through altering Rift geography and climate, the 2020 League season aims to force players to adapt to unique circumstances.

Elemental Dragons offer a variety that changes between players. For eg, one match could lead to two Infernals and a Mountain while the next match would lead to three Oceans. Although it gives a certain amount, according to Riot it’s not enough.

Although the Rift will be the focal point of the pre-season, there are also improvements in aid and lethal objects. The power of the top lane, as well as improvements of the jungles, stronger dragon buffs and keystone modifications, will be enhanced.

Preseason 2020 will continue with the update 9.23 in November but will show a video preview of the next improvements on 15 October.