‘Vulpera’ and ‘Mechagnomes’ added in new World of Warcraft update

The massive new N’Zoth 8.3 patches bring new races and a brand-new story to the World of Warcraft.

Although the focus of attention has recently come from the World Of Warcraft Classic, Blizzard has just announced an upcoming major upgrade with two additional allied races, and without paying for the expansion. The current edition of this long-term MMO.

The patch 8.3 adds the Vulpera for the first time as a playable species after they first appeared in the Battle for Azeroth expansion as non-player characters.

As you can see, they’re super cute fox men, but they are really members of the Horde group that’s nominally evil. Nonetheless, once you start the game, they will not be a default option, but instead, you will have to gain the exalted status with your party or complete an in-game quest before you have the chance.

The other species is the Mechagnomes, which must be equally unlocked and are a kind of steampunk version of the current Gnome race. The N’Zoth Visions 8.3 patch is completely free of charge. To add to the new races, the Alliance and the Horde races are battling against an old god. He has a new history.

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He is also upgrading for a revival of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms in Pandaria and the N’Zoth invasion in Uldum. The Vale of Eternal Blossoms is also tobe re-established. The official release date is not clear, but today’s content will be added to the public test area.