WoW Auction House revamp expected soon

Blizzard is working on improving the Auction House and this time we are reconstructing it from the ground up, finally getting rid of single stacks that broken the tabs while trying to find the best value.
In the forthcoming Visions of N’zoth patch for World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, Auction House is undergoing both a graphical overhaul and interface improvements. It will take on the shape shown in Guild Wars 2, where players can browse for the product they want, click on it and see all the listings and all the prices in one single list submitted by other players.

It means that you won’t have to swipe 30 pages of single stacks to find a stack of 20 of whatever product you’re searching for. You’ll just see all of the item’s listed prices, no matter how many are in a row, and then you can type in the number you want. The program then immediately shows the lowest price class of the listed item corresponding to the amount picked.

Players can buy parts of a stack from others, then, but the system is automatic and mostly unseen. If the terms seemed unclear, let’s presume you are willing to buy 121 copper ore. Others reported 20 for 30 copper per unit, 34 for 50 copper per unit, 70 for 65 copper per unit, and 3414 for 1 gold per unit.

The system will automatically select the 20 cheapest units, 34 of those selling at 50 copper per unit and 67 of those priced at 65 copper per unit while missing the pricey listings entirely.

The reverse sale goal is a fascinating feature. In other words, the eventually generated auctions will first be priced as opposed to working on a first come first serve basis. This may seem unjust to those who first advertised their sales, but the Auction House notice noted that this is a long-term means of preventing undercutting and hence cost inflation.

This mechanic will certainly be divisive, and how well he will accomplish his mission needs to be seen.