RedBull x League of Legends – Global partnership confirmed

Teams of two Red Bull workers on the ground of TwitchCon are dispersed as many Red Bulls as they can bear around the audience. Since years, this has been a regular scene at games and exports. Red Bull was one of the first businesses to recognise the opportunities within the sporting sector and to place the full weight in the growing market of the business charged headlong.

Red Bull produces some of the best-written sports content, hosts Ninja-partnered activities like the Red Bull NYE party in Times Square and is in the centre of an esports arena almost everywhere. So it wasn’t as surprising as last year’s global relationship Mastercard when the company announced a new strategic alliance with Riot Games.

In reality, Red Bull has become a synonym for sports. It also has sponsorships for big G2 and Cloud9 teams in the Western League of Legends. Red Bull will compete in all international competitions, including Mlg, All-Stars and Worlds, as part of this new agreement with League of Legends. It covers these next Kingdoms, which already have play-in stages.

Naz Aletaha, Head of the Global Partnerships with Riot Games says, “Red Bull’s longtime support[is] for sport, esports and gaming.” Your deep awareness and enjoyment of the culture of games and your desire to raise the bar for fans continually makes them an ideal partner.”

We didn’t have to learn much about the sporting risk and the Legends brand sold well. In recent years, Riot has entered a long list of other different allies. Mastercard, State Farm and Louis Vuitton all play a role in one of the most competitive teams in all sports.