Latest CS:GO update patch notes: crosshair change

The new CS: GO update makes several ongoing improvements in the game’s quality.

Counter-Strike gamers are used to sporadic or occasional changes to their game of choice, which remains largely the same, unlike many popular titles that get regular gameplay and development patches.

The latest update is no different, but it comes with some small improvements that will still be popular for players who like to have it set up exactly the way they like in competitive play, even if it’s just personal preferences.

The most important change is that changing to the knife will not make the crosshair vanish for the standard crosshair style, putting its actions into line with the other crosshair types.

The friendly fire alarm, meanwhile, is no longer linked to the standard crosshair, but moves to a separate function. As a result, it can be switched off by experienced players who are well aware of the risk of friendly fire to avoid unnecessary UI clutter.

Default applications of the crosshair will now have the same capabilities as other models.

The patch also introduces a switch to the regular Deathmatch which rewards players with a Healthshot for every 3-kill steak, giving players who are regularly winning duels the opportunities for lengthy runs but otherwise simply run out of health before regenerating them.

With a new version of Cache unveiled at ESL One New York, most players will certainly look forward to seeing the overhauled map making it into the live game, but it seems to be at least one more patch before it occurs to them. For Valve having no fixed patch timetable, when another can arrive, there is no way to judge.
Please find the full patch notes for the version of October 8 below.

CS: GO October 8th Patch Notes


–Teams are now having a health shot for every 3-kill run if they don’t have one already.


– Added winners of all CS:GO Major Championships to the watch tab.
– Fixed a UI issue where non-Prime players appeared as Prime on ‘Looking to Play’ tab.
– Friendly fire warning on crosshair is no longer tied to default crosshair and is now a separate option.
– When holding a knife, the default crosshair will now behave like other crosshairs.
– Fixed the purchase button for coupons being invisible in some cases.


– Added logaddress_add_http_delayed command which allows tournament operators to delay http log data for subscribers.
– Added most recently completed match token to the help site match history authentication code page for convenience.