CSGO Mobile is now a thing with Stream link

Many players really want ‘CSGO Mobile‘ – With Apex legends potentially coming to mobile and PUBG already on mobile, the question needs to be answered, is CSGO on stream-link any good?

Is it possible to play CSGO Mobile?

CSGO has no official mobile version available. Steam Connect, though, allows players to play on their phones or tablets any game they own on Steam. The software transfers content from the PC to a mobile device, providing motion and touch screen controls to the games, with the additional option of using a console controller.

Therefore, anyone who purchases CSGO and can run it on their PC will also be able to run the game via Steam Connection as long as they remain in the same network as the PC actually running the game. Whatever the view of the PC screen will show on the mobile screen.

Is CSGO with Steam Link really playable?

Although players can switch on and start the game with their mobile devices, CSGO is far from being accessible via Steam Connection as it faces a number of problems.

Next, delays and frame falls are inevitable, which means that on-screen players can not respond to the gameplay instantly. Sometimes the screen can pause for a few seconds before play can resume. Because CSGO is a first-person shooter requiring a high degree of precision, playing such a game over touch and movement controls or even using a joystick would clearly not give a player the accuracy needed to play CSGO.

The reliability of a mobile device is almost non-existent as a matter of fact.

If a player were to reach a competitive match while using a mobile device, their teammates will probably soon begin screaming due to the failure to focus adequately or track what’s going on on the map.

Steam Link may have the potential to run touchscreen-controlled games with simpler technical requirements, such as basic RPGs or virtual board games, but CSGO is a completely different beast. The game stream’s low quality through the Link app would likely not give players an incentive to play it online, particularly as they need to stay close to their PC regardless.

While Valve continues to improve the software and as mobile devices enhance their requirements, gaming performance can increase, but a keyboard and mouse accuracy may still not translate well into the smaller touch-based screen.

With the Steam Connection, an app that takes PC games to smartphones and mobile devices, gamers can now access Counter-Strike theoretically: Global Offensive wherever they are on the go. Yet attention needs to be given to a few significant caveats.