Fortnite Season 10 ending, where is the Battle Star? – Countdown clocks appear over map

To Fortnite, it was a divisive tenth season, what was dubbed Brutes in the battlefield with the release of giant mechs and the resulting uproar and buffing that resulted. So when Epic revealed it postponed by one week the end of Season 10, players were a little puzzled.

The latest Epic post read, “Season X has been postponed a week to conclude on Sunday, October 13. This also means an extra week to complete the Battle Pass, so hop in and secure all those Season X prizes!” Now it seems like the extension is to help Epic cook up something, well, epic for the season’s end. Countdown clocks appeared at Dusty Depot throughout the country, on TV screens and above the rocket. Six more days are left on the countdown right now, coinciding with the Season 10 concludes day: 13 October.

Fortnite Season 9 began with a Polar Peak beast and a Brute battling it out, culminating in Season 10 occurrences-a singularity that triggered a time warp and returned the island to the state it was in at the end of Season 3. The Visitor’s Rocket started with several rifts in Dusty Depot, which led to a lot of crossovers such as Batman and Borderlands.

Data miners say that Season 11 can introduce a completely new map, in a step not unlike the recent map change made by Apex Legends for the third season of the game itself.

Another data miner found information indicating that the incident would bring players to a location between Loot Lake and Dusty Depot where they may be stuck in a time loop.

Any news yet on how Fortnite Season 11 begins-new seasons usually start on Thursday after a season-end event, but this is the first time a Sunday event has taken place. Season 11 we could see a little earlier than expected…