Fight or Fright Apex Legends event highlights creepy clown and Kings Canyon

Next week, as indicated by previous leaks, Apex Legends will get a three-week halloween-themed event entitled Battle or Fright. The return of the Kings Canyon map will be seen as the backdrop for a time-limited zombie-themed game.

The Shadowfall game sounds cool: in a twilit Kings Canyon, 34 solo players must fight to the death. Dying makes you respawn as an undead member of the Shadow Squad who can’t use weapons or powers, but can sprint very easily, climb walls, and strike melee attacks very hard. The Shadow Squad respawns indefinitely until ten living legends remain, and these legends must enter an evac ship without being slaughtered. This certainly sounds like a hell of zombies like Titanfall.

There will, of course, be new halloween skins, each with two thematic quips, and the skins for Battle or Fright are quite creepy. For example, the skin of Caustic embedded above: he looks like Ronald McDonald when Ronald McDonald met Insane Clown Posse. I like it a bit. Yet I love it, too. Everything up to 24 event-specific cosmetics, ranging from weapon skins to the character skins listed above. These can be purchased and made from materials.

The event runs from 15 October to 5 November. A small XP boost will be seen on October 25-28, where players will receive double XP for top 5 placings and win.