Could Call of Duty Mobile Beat PUBG Mobile?

Call of Duty: On October 1, Mobile had a rocky debut with players complaining about the delay and a long list of glitches. Nevertheless, despite its problems, it quickly found itself at the top of the charts of Android and iOS.

CoD: Mobile has crossed s and invested more than $2 million on microtransactions in just a few days, according to Sensor Tower’s mobile app information page.

The game’s versions of both Activation and Garena have been successful, with India leading the way with 14 percent of installs. In contrast, the U.S. climbed to seventh on the index, drawing 9% of its consumers.

The game’s greatest selling point is its 100-player royal battle mode. This offers players the option of doing it on their own, in duos, or in four squads. Players also have the option of switching between first and third-person viewpoints in a similar vein to PUBG, one of the most popular mobile esports games.

Playing mobile game is still early days for the community. When CoD developers: Mobile, Tencent and Timi Studios improve the connection problems of the game and fix their slew of glitches and error codes, it is expected to rise higher.

The game’s newly released player numbers are an approximation. It’s hard to figure in China, one of the mobile game industry’s biggest markets. If CoD: Mobile continues to improve and attracts a following Chinese, it could easily expand 20 million downloads to 100 million or more.