TFT: Is the ‘Jewelled Gaunlet’ a good item?

Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.19 graced the autobattler with a number of new pieces, the Jeweled Gauntlet being one of them. Nevertheless, one fan has doubted the quality of the product since its rapid rise in prominence.

A TFT fan posted today on Reddit a thorough analysis that discusses the harm of the Jeweled Gauntlet relative to the Will Power (AP) powerhouse, the Deathcap of Rabadon.

The Gauntlet offers units a vital strike chance of 20 percent and 20 additional AP, while also allowing the special ability of the wearer to check. On the other hand, Rabadon’s raises the AP of a unit by a flat 50 percent, thus offering 40 AP as well.

The fan decided at first glance that most of the time Rabadon’s Deathcap defeats the Jeweled Gauntlet. Nevertheless, the damage caused by the Jeweled Gauntlet stands close to its counterpart with an extra 20 percent criter chance.

But there was no pause for the fan.

To measure the ceiling of the Jeweled Gauntlet, the TFT fan measured as often as possible the probability of “highrolling” the object, or vital hitting.

The crafty fan found that the Jeweled Gauntlet had to take advantage of the Assassin bonus to achieve its maximum potential, which provides increased probability and damage.

“It defeats the Deathcap significantly using the Gauntlet on an Assassin unit with a 3xAssassin reward (57.48% and 59.31% respectively with 3 and 5 hits),” the player said.

A player must position it on an Assassin who profits from the six-unit reward along with an Infinity Edge to get the best output from this product. Thanks to the area of effect (AoE) damage on her ultimate that can strike and check several champions, the best unit to put the item on is Katarina.

The fan believes that in most situations, the Jeweled Gauntlet is a scenario element that is not as powerful as that of Rabadon. So the next time TFT players have on their sideline a Sparring Glove, they might want to consider building other things with it instead.