FIFA 2020 Global Series: 1,600 Players information leaked

Electronic Arts recently reported that the personal information of around 1,600 players competing in the FIFA 2020 Global Series had inadvertently been leaked. Registration for the event began on Thursday, Oct. 3, but was quickly removed after the error was discovered by the organization.

“At 1 pm UK time, we revealed the login portal site for the EA Sports FIFA 20 Global Series,” EA said, “Soon afterwards, we discovered that some players who were waiting to register were seeing details from other players who had already signed up through the registration page.” EA was able to download the page after 30 minutes and said it identified the cause of the issue. Nevertheless, people were able to see all the other contestants ‘ data, including their address, birth date, EA password, and country of residence.

Eventually, EA said the signups would begin again in the days ahead and it’s optimistic that the same thing won’t happen twice — but it wouldn’t be surprised if people were somewhat hesitant to sign up again. It’s an unfortunate situation for those involved, because “players ‘ privacy and security is of utmost importance to[ EA].” FIFA 20 has been one of the most popular titles for EA since its launch on Tuesday, Sept. 24, two weeks ago. The Global Series was one of the game’s most awaited competitions and should pick up momentum once all the problems have been found.