CS:GO ‘Tinder’ is in the workings, say web developers

If you’ve ever had the frustrating task of trying to find some good counter-strike teammates, then don’t worry anymore. Three CS: GO fans have created a website where players, based on data-driven information, can search and contact teammates. The best part of it? It’s totally free.

The website is called TEAMS and it has players answering a series of questions that will help them connect better and match up with similar goals teammates. It will also help people find others who have similar or compatible plans so they can make sure they are playing at the same time.

TEAMS also contains FACEIT, ESEA, Steam Statistics & Discord so you can quickly email them and start playing until you find someone you want to play against. You can also indicate your area and favorite language in your settings, don’t forget about contact either.
Not every player wants to find good, supportive teammates, and that’s all right, too. If somebody decides they want a more relaxed, fun experience, they can bring the response in and the process would choose teammates who want to relax and enjoy the game as well.

This app is a great way to avoid tilt by combining with unsuitable teammates while also saving players a ton of time by introducing players who are directly linked with their interests. Fortunately for fans of CS: GO, TEAMS will help improve your understanding in matchmaking and potentially help you win more of your matches.