Tfue vs Ninja ‘If you don’t enjoy the game, stop playing’

Ninja and Tfue confronted each other on and off Fortnite’s royale battleground. Now, after some complaints about Fortnite’s current state, they have decided to have it out on Twitter, and they don’t exactly agree on how well things are going.

“What kind of fortnite f***ing crap has happened now?”On Facebook, Tfue wrote. Upon returning from a week-long break from streaming the match (or anything else, really) upon his time getting ready for (and participating) the Fortnite TwitchCon Trio Tournament and Solo Cash Cup, the statement was made a few days later.

Nevertheless, Ninja disagreed rather with the view of his peers on the best-performing royal combat of Epic Games.
“Just after the Gotham City patch, I really enjoyed the game,” Ninja answered on Twitter. “If you’re not enjoying the game, stop playing it and roast it all the way.” If you haven’t followed Fortnite, the company recently released the Fortnite X Batman case that’s exactly what it says on the tin: a crossover between Fortnite and Batman. Titled Towers has become Gotham City, where players can experience a whole new set of challenges connected to Batman. Of note, there are quite a few new items and skins to enjoy, such as the Batarang explosive costume and the Batman suit.

Although the tension between Tfue and Ninja may seem a bit low-key, in their own unique way they have both made salient points. Ninja claims a game that “f***ing rocks” may not be enjoyed by someone who doesn’t really like it, but his fellow Fortnite competitor likes to moan about the game’s current condition when enjoying it.

Fortnite is always in a state of flux and if they feel the next update is not up to snuff, developers have no problem holding things up. They’ve done that recently, pushing back Season 11’s launch date by a week. Hopefully the new material is going to change the mind of Tfue.