New Clash Royale season 4 to bring array of updates


The fourth season of Clash Royale is a major one with a new card, arena skin balance, and more. The name of the Halloween season is Shocktober and is due to fall on October 7.

The Shocktober Arena is a new arena with a dark and frightening atmosphere. The newest card to come to the match is Elixir Golem. The card cost three elixirs and a unique mechanic is also included.

Although the rare card seems like a normal Golem, which splits into two Golemites once they are defeated, what happens next is what distinguishes it from the Golem card. Such golemites are each killed by two blobs of elixir. The enemy, who will send you a single elixir per blob, will kill these blobs. Therefore, it is important to use this card wisely because the four extra elixirs can turn entirely around the match you don’t want to give your opponents.

The Royal Pass will feature new rewards as every season. At level 10, the jack-o’-lantern skin will be unlocked. Brawl Stars will be published once they’ve hit level 20, a Poco emote from Supercell’s other game. However, the next patch will feature many other Shocktober feelings such as Frankenstein Goblin. The other royal awards, including bags, gold and more, will be identical to the previous season.

Crown Quests and Reward Banks will also be added to the game for the first time. The Crown Questions will include some activities that will ease the progression of grades in the royal pass. The Reward Bank will be very valuable to players who can reach all 35 levels of the Royal Pass. A reward bank is awarded 250 gold per 10 crowns won. This gold can build up all year and can be ordered at the end of the season. The new season will also be accompanied by two new modes of party called the Ghost Parade and Grave Bank.

With the Shocktober patch, The Witch is getting full rework. She now creates four skeletons at a time, but when she is defeated she will not create any. Her attacks were also modified with the splash reduced as the damage improved.

Finally, a buff is being given to the Night Witch. Now instead of two she’ll spawn four bats. On the other side, the fisherman receives a nerf, with a reduction in his health and loss. Wall breakers are now only going to cost two elixirs but have minimized damage. The snowball’s knockback was diminished while the Hunter’s risk increased slightly.