CSGO is Shrouds ‘favourite game’

Counter-Strike still has an unparalleled spot in Michael ‘ Shroud’ Grzesiek’s streaming crown.

The Canadian said Counter-Strike has always been his favourite game. He first selected World of Warcraft and took his third favourite game a while to decide. “I would like to claim royal combat as a player, but probably PUBG,” said the cloak.

Many younger jacket fans may be shocked to see Counter-Strike listed because he doesn’t often stream. Nonetheless, according to the stats website SullyGnome, he has only uploaded seven hours of CS: GO in the last three months.

Since 2013 to August 2017, Shroud played in CS: GO professionally. He’s best known for his Cloud9 tenure, which was one of North America’s best teams at the time. In October 2016, Shroud helped C9 win a number of tournaments, including the four final seasons in the ESL Pro League.

Although he loved to take part in competitions, Shroud said he didn’t like to compete often. Just before he retired he had watched more Battlegrounds than CS: GO from PlayersUnknown.
Shroud has been one of the company’s top full-time streamers and showed what many fans felt while playing CS: GO: He is one of the most skilled players in-game mechanics. The Canadian is good to play any player.

One of his most popular games has been Apex Legends. In the last three months, he has played 115 hours of Apex. The royal fight is just after WoW, where 229 hours have just been broadcast.