Call of Duty Mobile receives 20 million downloads and $2m in revenue

Call of Duty: On October 1 smartphone launched unstable and players complained of lagging and a comprehensive list of bug problems. Nevertheless, it soon became at the top of Android and iOS lists, despite its difficulties.

CoD: Mobile had over 20 million downloads and invested over $2 million on microtransactions, according to the Sensor Tower website for mobile apps.

The game has been effective in both Activation and Garena formats, with India leading the way with 14 million. By contrast, the US has exceeded 9% of its consumers. The US is 9%.

The greatest point of sale for the game is a royal mode with 100 games. This helps the players to combat it alone, in duos or in four-person groups. Players can also move from first to third-person viewpoints in a similar way to PUBG, one of the most popular mobile esports games.

The free mobile play is still early days. If CoD: Mobile, Tencent and Timi Studios players resolve connection problems in the game and repair their slew of glitches and error codes, they will climb even further.

The new figures for the game are an approximation. In China, one of the largest markets in the mobile gaming industry, it is hard to consider. If CoD: Mobile goes on developing and discovers a follow-up Chinese, 20 million downloads can quickly grow to more than 100 million.