When is Fortnite season 10 finishing and when does Season 11 start?

An enormous event of the end of the season named ‘The End’ arrives shortly in Fortnite: battle of Royale.

It continues to be seen when precisely this occurrence happens. Although all of the promotions indicate that’ The End’ may be on the previous date, this coming Saturday 5 October 2014.
That’s because Season 10 expands with Epic Games, bringing overtime challenges to’ Out of Time’ with cosmetical incentives and a freeload panel.

When is the close of season 10 and the start of season 11? Now, according to Epic Games the Out of Time Mission will be accessible from 9:00 am ET on Tuesday 8 October until 2:00 p.m. ET, on Sunday 13 October. Can’ The End ‘ competition be held at the end of the Overtime Challenges? Or are those difficulties going to take position before they start?

On Sunday or on Thursday, October 17th, the next semester seems probable to begin when such difficulties are over. Thursdays, after all, generally close the Fortnite seasons. This would seem to be supported by dataminers pursuing the application today, whereas the API displayed a Season 10 dates between 13th and 17th October. Season 11 is just a few weeks before Halloween.

It would be exciting if this big end of season case were held this evening then we had a whole week or more of the 10th season, particularly if it should contribute to a fresh chart (or dramatically change one). This was a very exciting occurrence.

And again these Overtime Challenges are referred to as’ Out of Time’ which could imply two stuff: firstly, that the schedule is’ out of moment’ and secondly, that the problems occur outside touch. There may be a barrier between’ The End’ and the start of Season 11, where we are on the present track but we are ready to start again. I don’t know precisely how that would function.

If it were up to me, I would have the large incident at the very beginning of stage 10 and when the semester 11 was over, I think there would have been the difference between these occurrences and the beginning of the next semester. Your greatest option is to allow season 11 to start on Thursday, 17 October, until more data is gained or clarified by Epic Games.