Streamer NymN banned for recording at TwitchCon 2019

Famous streamer, NymN, was banned from the platform for two weeks for short streams in TwitchCon’s partner lounge, reports suggest.

He had a streaming ban for 14 days as he escorted FĂ©lix ‘ xQc’ Lengyel to his meetings and greetings. The Swedish streamer told him. And while NymN recognizes the error he made, NymN says that he feels the length of the ban was excessive, given that he hadn’t been banned in the past. He said he wasn’t talking about “where the camera points because of the stress of the scenario.” He said the suspension would try to remedy it.

It is the Twitch CEO Emmett Shear who said that NymN’s banned, which is earlier than other latest contentious bans, requires “contexts and intentions” into account in the application of their Community Guidelines.

While a streamer may knowingly and deliberately stream in the lounge of the companion, it seems that NymN was not deliberately streaming in the lounge. It does appear, however, that NymN helped Twitch to satisfy his adoring supporters by assisting one of the most famous Streamers.