Battlefield 5 68% Error – How to fix

A small Battlefield 5 hotfix across the PC, PS5 and Xbox One were published by EA and DICE today October 1, 2019. A lot of users seem difficulty downloading the application on a PC, but a lot of you complain about the change to 68 percent of the Battlefield 5 PC. Of course, an irritating problem. Fortunately, there seems to be a solution which, surely, should operate. Read more to find out how to fix the 68 percent bug in Battlefield 5.

How to correct the 68% updated Battlefield 5 PC While on both PS4 and Xbox One, the folder volume of Battlefield 5 Hotfix is smaller, on your PC it’s much bigger. In comparison to the 500 MB on consoles you have to purchase and deploy around 5.22 GB on your PC. However, according to PartWelsh Community Manager at EA DICE on Twitter, the firm is searching into a 68% closure of the pc purchase. Fortunately, a workaround remedy also seems to be available.

When you can’t purchase the latest PC update Battlefield 5, if it is caught on 68%, we are here to assist you. HOW TO FIX BATTLEFIELD 5 PC Update STUCK AT 68% There’s a workaround that should function like it did for some people, unfortunately. The 68 percent fixed Battlefield 5 PC update includes checking your game files by repaired. In EA Help’s view, this is always true.
Follow these measures simply if your update Battlefield 5 is 68 times downloaded and you should be well-advised:

  • Cancel the download
  • Re-open Origin
  • Locate Battlefield 5 in the Game Library
  • Right-click the Battlefield 5 game tile and choose to Repair Game
  • Wait for the repair to finish