Leaks point towards Fortnite x Marvel with ‘Iron Man’ and ‘Doctor Doom’ skins

This mention of Fortnite x Marvel is loved by both Epic Games and the Fortnite community. It turns out that Epic chose to mention one of Marvel’s movies in the last trailer with P-1000 skin.

This isn’t the first such scenario and this may be a hint of the next (yes!) collaboration.

Fortnite x Marvel leaks – Release Date, items, etc

A unique comparison was made of both trailers by the Fortnite X Marvel One player. With P-1000 and Iron Man.

But not all of this. Not only lately did Donald Mustard write a very strange phrase on Twitter, but he turned his flag into Doctor Doom’s graphics.

Is this a comprehensive collaboration announcement? It is hard to tell, but perhaps in the 11th season, more surprises will take us than you believe.