‘Tyler1’ and ‘Yassuo’ comes to blows during LoL Twitch interview

Tyler ‘ Tyler1′ Steinkamp and Moe’ Yassuo’ went head-to-head in a match-up interview, but things got heated up.

Just one day after the popular Fortnite Showdown event, Twitch Rivals organized a few of the leading content creators of the League of Legends to fight it on September 28 in a best-of-3 Rumble on the Rift serial.

Yassuo and Tyler1 were chosen for the match of the all stars with other popular streaming companies like Pokimano, Trick2 g and Shiphtur, who often traded insults on the quality of the stream.

Tyler1 and Yassuo are two of Twitch’s most important legends streamers.

Following the completion of the first game of the series, Yassuo and Tyler1 took the next opportunity to speak with the other person after the game. “At the end of the day I always have the bragging rights. It’s just another dub for me,” Yassuo said.

The couple then went back and forth and concluded the show before Tyler1 eventually started to look at his fellow fluke before two people hilariously exchanged for fans during a short struggle, while interviewer Ovilee May stood idle.

However, their scuffle didn’t last long, because the competitors soon returned to their setup to start the series ‘ second game.

Team Yassuo made an awesome return to the win and to their share of the $20,000 in a close third game, which dramatically ended. The race was very close.

Sadly, they failed for Tyler1 and his all-star squad, but next year TwitchCon 2020 is back in San Diego, so Tyler might have his chance to take revenge in Twitch Rivals next year.

TwitchCon 2019 has had many entertaining times to date, such as the event with popular Tyler1 and xQc streamers that ended with the two Twitch stars expected from a number of fans.