HOW TO: Fallout 4 Hidden items, locations and secrets

In the Fallout universe, there are enough hidden nodes and Easter eggs to keep fans looking for years. In fact, in almost four years from the release of Fallout 4, players have spent endless hours chasing the 4 secrets of Fallout.

While keen-eyed fans succeeded in discovering dozens of hidden gems, very few succeeded in tracking them. There is even a secret that has never been discovered.

The best Fallout 4 secrets It is no wonder that so many Fallout 4 secrets remain a mystery in a massive world to explore and traverse. It is often difficult to discover the tiny details spread all over the Commonwealth, hidden above buildings, buried in sinks or subtly thrown into a crowded city.

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Even though the Fallout 4 secrets are not exhaustive, here are the best referrals and hidden spots.

1) Nirnroot

If you are a fan of Fallout 4, you’ve probably also enjoyed Skyrim’s fantasy partner. Many interesting creatures, races and plants live on the sprawling fantasy world. In Fallout 4 also one such plant, Nirnroot, appears briefly.
• Find a glimpse of this funky plant when you enter the Brotherhood of Steel, Prydwen. Set up in the Senior Scribe laboratory of Neríah, a variety of flora is recognized only as an “experimental plant,” although it does not directly characterize it as a Nirnroot.

2) The Cask of Amontillado

Edgar Allan Poe’s nod is easy to miss from Cask of Amontillado Fallout 4. In Fallout 4, from H.P, there are many references to well-known authors. Henry David Thoreau’s lovecraft, but players often ignore this.

You will have the chance to clear out the bowels of this impressive fortress after assisting Minutemen in recovering their old base, the castle. You will find General McGann and his impressive collection of wines deep in its basement. The clever reference to Edgar Allan’s The Cask of Amontillado is hidden in a wall of the room. In the short 1846 story the narrator, who seeks revenge for a little imaginable, leads a friend to enjoy a drink and stumbles him behind the still alive brick wall. You will find a still-chained skeleton in the broken wall of General McGann, surrounded by Amontillado’s bottles.

3) Prost bar

The Fallout 4 prost-bar is filled with references for popular films and films of the 1980s. One show of its kind was Cheers, a comedy in a bar. The bartender and owner, Sam Malone, chatted with the regular bars Norm and Cliff in the style of this classic comedy.

The unmarked location called Prost Bar is located southwest of the Massachusetts State House and directly west of Swan’s Pond. Inside the cozy space, there is a charming recreation of the central bar in the 1980s and two well-known skeletons. The people of Bethesda were all-in: Prost means even “cheers” in German.

4) The Nostromo

Nostromo Another classic of the 80’s nodes one of the subtleest references on that list. This time, Alien, the favorite sci-fi horror, was released in 1979. This loved film is a journey into deep waves following the crew of Nostromo. The story of Ripley knows almost everybody who breathes, but it doesn’t mean that everybody caught this detail.
You will have to help several of the members with mundane tasks after you agree to help the Steel Brotherhood. Just to gather a few techy items from around the Commonwealth would like Scribe Haylen. Some of these items, “reflex condenser” we can see, are obvious nodes in the Back to the Future of 1985. However, the “flux sensor” is a double benchmark. It not only makes Doc’s flux condenser, but also has a very specific serial number together with the reflecting condenser. You will see “CM-88B 180924609” when you look carefully, which matches the Nostromo registry number. Damn, this is subtle. This is subtle.

5) Blade Runner

Blade Runner In the wide world Fallout 4 secrets, there are two references to the 1982 Blade Runner. The first is in Diamond City if you spend some time walking around its shops and stalls. Power Noodles, a Japanese robot named Takahashi, operates in the center of the main courtyard. When Takahashi welcomes him, they will ask Nan-ni shimasu-ka. This is a node for an early Blade Runner scene, in the noodle-jointed robots of Harrison Ford’s Deckard.
T he other nod to this favorite Science-Fiction is much harder to find. Go to the Breakheart banks and the General Atomics Gallery, where it is located. You will find a pipe around the back which gives you access to the ceiling. A scene right out of Blade Runner will be located there. A deceased synth still stands in very familiar clothes on his knees in front of a man’s body. The bodies are ideally positioned to reproduce the classic end of the 80s.

6) Titanic

Titanic Often it blows me as much as Bethesda care when it comes to creating games such as Fallout 4. It is a subtle node, but their reference to Titanic in 1997 is one of the fans favorites. The film ends with the Titantic sinking, based on real events. One of the most memorable scenes in the movie is the iconic door scene, in which Jack and Rose share their final moments.

This scene was re-created by theteam behind Fallout 4. You need the Far Harbor DLC installed to track this particular Easter Egg. You will find a lake on the north side of the Nucleus once in Far Harbor. There are two door skeletons, one on top of which, partially overwhelmed, the other clings to the side. At this door, there certainly was space for two.

7) Die Hard and Lethal Weapon

Die Hard and Lethal Arms Big fans of’ 80s action films are the people of Bethesda. In the whole world Fallout 4 there are numerous references and an excess of them are from traditional action films. The BADTFL regional office northwest of Bunkir Hill is a link for players to two iconic movies.

The reference is included in a diary entry in the terminal of the police chief. The chief laments Willison and Gibbs, two of their employees. Willison seems to tend to destroy property, and Gibbs can only put his life on track. This entry is a difficult one for the actors Die Hard & Lethal Weapon from the’ 80s classics. Bruce Willis depicts the continuously destructive John McClane alcoholic in Die Hard and Mel Gibson’s Martin Riggs of Lethal Weapon is in your presence. If we rearrange the letter in the entry of the chief of police, these two iconic action stars will be given their last names.

8) Kid in a fridge

Kid in a refrigerator This not only refers to one of the most incredible moments of the Indiana Jones franchise, it also marks the start of a very fun side search of Fallout 4. Indie takes refuge in a refrigerator after arriving at a nuclear test site in the Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Skull of 2008. Wonderfully, a refrigerator was the perfect choice, and he survived the explosion.
• A child who was apparently inspired by this scene is housed in a nonsuspect fridge, located south of University Point and east of Jamaica Plain. You can get Billy out of prison and help him find his parents. The parents of Billy are wondrously alive and well— as can Ghouls be, I guess — and endlessly thankful for their boy’s safe return.

9) Dunwich Borers

Dunwich Borers Throughout Fallout 4 there are so many literary references that you deserve a list of them all. But one of the most interesting is a marked position on the map. Dunwich Borers, a fairly open node to H.P, can be found by players. The Dunwich Horror, the north-eastern part of the Commonwealth, by Lovecraft.
— T he quarry located on the west side of the Hole of Hugo and eastwards, housed a bobblehead as well as a magazine. Located east of the Slog Under the canyon, players find a labyrinthine mine reminiscent of the ferocious tones of the story of lovecraft terror. Hidden in caves is a weird adventure that ought to be a mystery, but worth visiting.

Fallout 4 secrets: Hidden places There are a number of hidden places above all the coy nodes and careful references in the commonwealth. Most of them are unmarked on the map, although some are hard to find. These are some of the most frequently visited places in the four secrets of the Fallout.

Secret Fallout 4 Locations: Hidden Locations

1) Old Gullet sinkhole

Old Gullet sinkhole Because the map actually has a marked place, it is one of the easiest places to find for the Old Gullet sinkhole. It seems to be nothing but a debris-filled hole from the outside. But walk a little deeper and underneath a sinkhole you will find the cavern. Don’t forget Deathclaw’s lurking nearby as you go down.

This unassuming area, which is situated in the middle of a residential district, is located west of Greentop Nursery. You will find a few bodies and ghouls inside the sinkhole. A magazine can be found near a cooking station. You can exit through the interior of the nearby house once you have travelled through the cavern.

2) Cat Cabin

Cat Cabs In the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 4 it’s not all doom and dumbness. This charming little home is great to players seeking a break from fighting for their lives or plundering for goods. Cat Cabin is a strange but welcome addition to the Commonwealth, filled to the brim with fuzzy felines.
— BET This harmless cabin is located on Walden Pond’s southeast. You might have gone right around without being aware, but this cabin is worth a visit if only because of its general strange nature. A haven for cats, dozens of small balls and several images of cats, you guessed.

3) Plumber’s Secret

The secret of Plumber In view of the extent of the Commonwealth, the number of hidden spots in the world is a matter of memory. Plumber’s Secret lies south of Mass Gravel and Sand in Cambridge, another unmarked location on the map. Most players walk right past this seemingly interesting building, but inside there is a simple secret.

THERE: You are home free, once you’ve taken the Radroaches down and disabled the scattered mines. A series of plungers that can only be seen in the building by the players are showing wood additions that can be shot on the ceiling. Players can collect the dropped syringe rifle and cap stash once dislodged.

4) Death Maze

Maze of death Who does not like a good labyrinth of death? The Commonwealth has its own terror house just wait to be found like something straight out of Saw. A range of arrows points players to the dizzying corridors located between Milton General Hospital and Fallon’s department store.
A the Death Maze recalls the climax of a horror film filled with deadly traps and ghouls. Cross its deadly, maze-like halls to the bottom of the loot. Choose the cauldron that you want to open wisely, though, because when your twin is accessed, the other one is rigged.

5) Rocket Shed

Rocket Shed This is a clever and fun place. This place has no purpose. You can find a simple shed on the edge of a cliff to the north-east of Relay Tower OBB-915. There is no spectacular battle inside and no enemies are hidden but it is great for a fun break from settlements and raiders.
Indoors, there are dozens of propane tanks and wooden ramps on top of the Commonwealth, inside the cabin. A shot at the valve at the end of one of the tanks sends it up into the sky, where it explodes gloriously. Nothing is meant to do that, but since when did we have to blow up some shit?

6) UFO crash site

UFO crashing site The curious travelers in a weird sight, Southeast Oberland Station and South of Beantown Brwery, will actually stumble. You may see a cutscene, which will trigger your character to level 20 if you pay attention. A strange object hurls through the sky and leaves somewhere in the distance a temporary smoke trail. If players are able to follow up on the object, a UFO crash is discovered.
A pilot lies wounded and dying in a nearby grotto. You can calm them, but players will more often have to finish the small green man before claiming one of the most interesting weapons in the game. A powerful weapon worth killing the one alien life known in the Commonwealth can be found in their inventory.

Hidden plunder Collectibles, weapons and magazines are abundant in Fallout 4’s dangerous world. While many of these items have to do with quests or tasks, several areas are covered by lots of all but the keenest eyes.

Secret and Hidden Loot in Fallout 4

1) X-01 Power Armor

Power Armor Power Armor Armor can change your life while walking along the dangerous Commonwealth streets. T-60 models are dispersed around the world at a relative frequency, an iconic section of Fallout games. However, you will have to search for an upgrade to the typical model.
è The X-01 Power Armor can be found on your Commonwealth adventures, but this method is unsatisfactory and will take some time. You can find a full set of the X-01 Power Armor, which is far superior but only in the right conditions. Before trying to collect the X-01, you have to be at least level 26 because lower levels will probably produce a more common model.

There’s a building called “35 Court” east of Goodneighbor, close to Faneuil Hall. Here, two red knobs are found after the conquest of the dangerous building and its robotic wardens. A fully equipped X-01 Power Armor suit should be provided when hitting them both.

2) Freefall Legs

Freefall Legs In the Commonwealth there are many high places. Each Fallout 4 player has taken a fatally tumbling or five between the many accessible roofs, bridges riddled with holes and awkwardly narrow catwalks. These high spots are especially fatal for some of us, as we’re far too impatient to come back to this field as the game is bothering.

Fortunately, for that, there is a mod. The Freefall Legs armour mod allows you to fall without damage from any height. The Mass Fusion building north of Goodneighbor and west of Faneuil Hall must be found to find these hard to reach armour pieces. You will need a power armour with a jetpack to even attempt to obtain that particular armour set, so low characters are not fortunate. However, you will be able to find this handy armour piece in the locked safe once you’ve zoomed into the top of the building.

3) Grognak the Barbarian armour

Nestled in the busiest Fallout 4 map area, the Barbarian armor Grognak’s Hubris Comics is a little comic book shop. A bright red door just a little down the street leads you into this charming shop near Swan’s Pond and directly west of Boylston Club. But make you ready before you go inside. It’s full to the brim with ghouls.
• A few special goodies are hidden on the top floor of the collapsing comic shop. In addition, you’ll find the full Silver Shroud costume, including the waffle, near the back of the room, where the deadliest of these hools hides. Even if the search line of Silver Shroud has not yet been obtained, these items count as search items and are not removed once added from the inventory. However, you can choose to donate these classy garments if you want to wander the Commonwealth in style.

On the other side of the room, you can find a medieval costume option in the open lockers near the windows. Grognak the Barbaric armour, without mentioning the fashion sense, gives a boost to your melee damage. This matching axe will stagnate enemies and cause blood damage in a closed display case on the first floor so as to waver away.

4) Vault Tec phone number

Phone number Vault Tec It’s not looting really, but it’s fun surely.
The players are in the home of the playable character several times throughout the game. Even after bombs fell, several pieces of furniture and décor remain, but some of that brilliant shine has certainly been lost. One of the house walls showed a Vault-Tec calendar with a telephone name. The players were eye-catching. They were obviously trying to call it.

The 1-888-4-VAULTTEC number is longer than the traditional US telephone number. However, if you give it a dial, a real voicemail will greet you after the game. An unexpected rush of phone calls is played by a short message. This is a small touch but reveals the care that has been taken to create a world that is genuinely real for Fallout 4.

5) Undiscovered secret

Undiscovered secret Of the 4 secrets of Fallout, one is so hidden that many players don’t really think it exists. Although thousands of players have spent countless hours tracking every Fallout 4 secret and hidden gem, this gem has not yet been found. According to Todd Howard, Fallout 4’s game director, who noted at DICE Summit in 2016 that a definitive secret still exists.
ÚTE This secret has always haunted die-hard fans. They have struggled through every terminal, the location of the hidden map, and the Commonwealth underground tunnel. However, it is reported that this last secret is unknown. Once all the gems in this list have been tracked, you’ll perhaps be the one that reveals Fallout 4’s last secret.