Evil Geniuses defeat G2 to qualify to the grand finals in ESL One in New York

Evil Geniuses today defeated 2-0 G2 Esports for the big ESL One finals in New York.

The North Americans arrived with a perfect record in the grand finals since they had to drop a single map in the whole event still. Jarguz and the crew also beat Astralis, his opponents for tomorrow, before the tournament. Peter’s “stanislaw”

In spite of having a temporary player at Fabien, “kioShiMa” Fiey, G2, also had a good tournament, was today not much of a threat to EG. Dust II, first map of a series and the G2, 16-8, were taken by the North Americans. Dimitrov was top-fragged by Cvetelin ‘ CeRq’ with 24 kill.

Inferno did not differ much because it was dominated by EG from the start, which won 8 consecutive rounds on its T-side. In the second half, G2 tried to recover from the 11-4 gap and won the first three rounds, but as soon as the North Americans bought the rifles, they were the best team. Cayonte, Vincent “Brehze” did not rumble, but in the first half he pulled out a big ace.

While G2 was easy to beat today, it was better than expected in New York. Ironically, the organisation, as G 2 allegedly go international and sign Nemanja ‘ huNter-‘ Kovač and Nemanja ‘ nexa’ Isaković from CR4ZY is close to the organization, will not remain on this line-up for the future.

EG already managed its best result in 2019 with the win, but if Astralis is taken down tomorrow there is definitely no better way to impress its new organization.
Tomorrow at 12 pm CT, EG and Astralis will be in the top five final.