$5m ESL and DreamHack Pro Tour appearing in 2020

ESL and DreamHack announced in late September that they are working together on the ESL Pro Tour: Global Offensives (CS: GO).

The ESL Pro Tour will feature a total award scheme of more than $5 million and will include activities including ESL One: Cologne and IEM Katowice With a joint award scheme of over $5 million, the ESL Pro Tour can very well do whatever no other operator or event has in the past, including a number of leading activities, such as ESL One: Cologne and IEM Kathowice.

This offers an interesting fresh growth, not only for the eSport supporters but also for the lesser sides, in order to get a boost in the larger tournaments.

What is the Tour ESL Pro?

The series will present 20 tournaments in a calendar year, with the aim of establishing “one story that builds on two major championships each year.” CS: GO has no league-based contest in the Overwatch League (OWL), the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) or the Rockets Championship Series (Rocket League)

THE CSGO SCENE EASIER FOLLOW THE CSGO CS: GO created Steam free in 2018, with the hope that fresh blood could be drawn. While the free-to-play model contributed to CSGO’s development, the scene was slimmed down by the variety of events and contests being considered to be “big” or “prime.”

The ESL Pro Tour in this area could fix many of the issues of the game. It aims to build on the growing impact of the ESL in professional CS: GO and to create a first-class circuit framework which draws both supporters and betters.

The ESL Pro Tour Set will begin in 2020, with the Masters and Challenger, the ESL Pro Tour will be competing at two stages.

Master competitions will have larger award pools and the world’s finest players, but players who are eligible for Challenger competitions will be allowed to progress to Master events.

Master turnouts will include at least $250,000 in award pools.
The circuit rating scheme is the link between the circuit. Teams are awarded points depending on their results at the ESL Pro Tour activities and gain qualifications for their positions in the Masters Championship playoffs.

IEM Katowice and ESL One: Cologne is the Master championships.