Suerpcells ‘Clash Royale’ Is Bringing Back Fantasy Royale

Developer Supercell is getting back one of Clash Royale’s finest components: the development with Fantasy Royale of Clash Royale fancy teams. The teams can handle all elements of the League from 21st September through the game’s Esports tab.

Fantasy Royale enables the unknown participants to build a squad of rivals from the finest in the globe. Fantasy Royale Users then observe and monitor their output during Clash Royale League shows, and collect Crowns in a game for each crown your fantasy gamer earns. Just like others, they can trade their fantasy games throughout the year and receive benefits depending on their results at the end of the summer.

Most of the respondents in Fantasy Royale are aimed at gathering as many Crowns as necessary. Once a week, trades can be made if a player is not working out for your individual team. Crowns are only counted towards your total when a player is on your roster and can not retroactively be awarded once a trade is made.

All Fantasy participants in the top three places will receive an in-game reward for their success, including:

  • 1st Place: 1,000 Gems
  • 2nd Place: 500 Gems
  • 3rd Place: 250 Gems

Interested players need to act fast, since you must create a Fantasy Royale deck for your region by the following dates, or will be unable to join: Clash Royale League takes place every Saturday and Sunday at 10 AM Pacific, and players can watch the action by clicking here.

Fantasy esports has been growing significantly with the rise of esports over the past decade. There are now so many games that push for an esports presence and that market their players to draw in a loyal following of consumers that it makes perfect sense for fantasy leagues to sprout for most games. Clash Royale is actually an obvious choice for such a fantasy league as the game has a large esports following, which is out of the ordinary for a game that is exclusively on mobile platforms.

  • CRL West Fantasy Royale starts September 21
  • CRL China Fantasy Royale starts September 20
  • CRL Asia Fantasy Royale starts September 19

There is also a sizable prize pool up for grabs. This year the best of the best will be competing in   Clash Royal for $1 million in the upcoming Clash Royale League.

Be sure to act quickly, though. One only has a couple of days before their teams need to be locked in, otherwise, you will need to wait until the start of the next season.