Fortnite is now 2 years old, today

Fortnite was born two years earlier today, in the Battle Royale, by Epic Games. Although the battle royal game mode launched after Save the World, it not only outpaced StW, but also every other royal games fight.

When Epic decided two years ago to allow players to struggle in 100-person lobbies, he probably thought the game wasn’t popular enough. The BR universe was controlled by players such as PUBG and H1Z1. Now H1Z1 is hardly a bug on the proverbial radar, and PUBG has finished second at least in viewing in the royal class.

Since its release, Fortnite has started to release significant game change through the seasonal system, lasting a few months every summer. The map is usually the most evolving with a fresh season, but when you compare the first season map to this season, there is an almost startling degree.

As you can see, the first map was mostly blue, and the interplay was comparatively small. Now the entire sections of the map are almost unrecognizable from the first with different climates and points of interest.

Skins are also a marked distinction from the beginning of the fight of royalism. Until October 2017, cosmetic articles such as Skull Trooper and Ghoul Trooper had been introduced to the fresh Item Store, were not rendered accessible for buy.

Now, of course, skins are a large component of Fortnite. The item shop is regularly furnished with new costumes, emots, backblings and pickaxes. Actually, without all the cosmetics, it’s quite difficult to imagine Fortnite.

But in this world, we don’t have to live. Fortnite: Battle Royale. Happy Birthday, Fortnite.