CSGO’s NRG roaster acquisition verified by Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses has formally announced its return to Counter-Strike esports by obtaining their first-ever CS: GO semi-finalists roster from NRG. North American sports organisation.

The now ex-NRG roster will depict Evil Geniuses at ESL One New York from 26 September, as first reported by Dexerto’s DeKay on 25 September.
EG has verified the Twitter purchase and thanked NRG for its timely implementation in New York.

In their first-round match-up, EG will be confronted by the fresh style of the FaZe Clan, now with Brazilian star Coldzera.

In view of the fact that FaZe is a fresh line-up, an early victory could be an opportunity for EG in its first-ever organizational CS: GO game.

“We will both be obtaining our counter-strike: global offensive roster,” stated EG in its announcement, confirming that they have achieved the players ESL Pro League place, after comprehensive talks with NRG Esports.

The organisation describes that they’ve been researching possibilities for the last few months, including developing a squad from scratch and even outside of NRG, but that they realized they would fit the whole thing when they started to “assess their alternatives.”

Nicole Lapointe Jameson, CEO of EG, has clarified that it is appropriate to re-enter CS in the 20th anniversary of the organisation. “CS is one of the areas that our fans requested us to enter as much as we can and we are glad to take Evil and her followers back to the site,” she said.