How to discover Fortnite Battle Star Week 9, Season 10

As Fortnite Season 10 closes, as usual, the brand new hidden Battle Star on the island allows players to unlock by finishing week 9.

Week 9 brought off the v10.40 update, which brought the fresh Starry Suburbs point of interest along with significant modifications to the gameĀ and combined games with fresh styles.

As always, on Thursday 26 September a new series of missions takes place online, meaning that games can unlock a charging monitor and an overshadowed Battle Star too.

In order to capture the Battle Star, teams must finish three of the problems this week with the upcoming load panel for games.
The load panel of the week demonstrates teams seated outside The Combine, but the sneaky indication that Epic Games have lodged above the gate with a picture of a Tomatohead carrying a cap, eagles-eyed competitors.

The Combine has a tomato head inside the door.

This is where competitors need to be this week because the Battle Star is located above the giant statue of the tomato head, which is located right east of Pressure Plant.

The head is sitting above a temple, so they either have to fall on it when they jump from the Battle Bus or get on if they choose to see it afterwards in a game.

Players have to go to the temple of Tomatohead.

You can use our chart to detect the precise place of the Battle Star for those who still strive to discover it or not sure where the temple lies on the island.

Note that three of the 10th season, 9th week, challenges have been completed to unlock the hidden Battle Star, so you shouldn’t go to the volcano and wait until the necessary assignments are completed.