Fortnite patch notes v10.40 goes live as servers go down

The latest update in Fortnite has been published and will be one of the final downloadable patches in season X, As season 11 preparations are on the rise.

Both Gotham City, Batman and Borderlands have been updated in the past couple of years. The new Rift Zone and a new LTM are now being added this week. The update is quite typical.

The patch notes for the latest update to Fortnite are below.

The new LTM Combine LTM called The Combine was added. You should reach the end of the map and compete as soon as you get rid of each other.

In the rive zone north of Pleasant Park, the Starry Suburbs Location has been added to the map. In the area, there is a “never before seen” weapon that we assume is the legendary SMG, but it’s not confirmed.

Zone Wars LTM Zone Wars comes as an LTM to Fortnite in the form of four user-based creative maps. Up to fifteen friends can queue.

Unvaulted Batman’s crossover weapons have been unvalued and the playlists of Arena are now available.

For the Fortnite v10.40 update, server maintenance will require downtime, which will allow players to wait up to two hours before logging in. However, the wait is generally shorter.

Upon termination of the downtime, players will have all additional information to play with after the update has been downloaded.

There are many more bug fixes and gameplay additions to the patch notes. On the website of Epic you can view the complete notes.